Passage Server Java API

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Passage Server Java API

Passage Server is a lightweight alternative to existing Java web application servers Tomcat, WebLogic, GlassFish, JBoss, Jetty, WebSphere.

Passage Server provides a platform for developing and hosting dynamic web applications, with Java server-side programming language.

One of the key differences is its own Java API, instead of common Servlet/JSP.

For example, in the URL http://www.mydomain.com/myapplication/myrequest(p1,p2)
the part "myrequest" is a name of Java class [.java/.class] located on a server, p1 and p2 are optional parameters.

This Java class has one mandatory method "Request" with the following signature

public WTableList Request(WServer oServer, WParamList oParamList)

in which needed business logic resides.

Passage Server Java programming is a process of creating such classes, implementing "Request" method in each class, linking to HTML pages, that all together make a web application.

Passage Server Java API covers basic required functionality such as

- Getting HTTP GET/POST request parameters
- Executing other requests
- SQL database management [SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE] with a connection pool
- Processing and putting data into result tables [for sending dynamic HTML pages to a browser]
- Uploading documents and images
- Email
- Running another process [for external tasks like PDF processing, images/documents management ...]
- Security, Login/Session management
- Cookie management

Additional functionality can be implemented using Oracle standard Java library and external libraries from other manufactures.