Passage Server

Passage Web Application Server

Lightweight architectural alternative to Java EE and Spring

Simplicity is the future

* High runtime performance
* High development speed

- Written in C++
- Embedded JVM
- Java server-side programing language [for business logic implementation]
- Simple Java API
- No publishing/deployment/server restart after Java code change
- Stateless HTTP connections
- No thread per HTTP connection
- SQL database access with connection pool
- Dynamic HTML data presentation

If your preference or necessity is to do web development in Java, but due to some reasons you are not dealing with existing available Java web application servers, try our product, compare:

- runtime execution speed
- development speed and simplicity
- amount of code needed
- number of programmers needed

If you consider to try, we'll be glad to assist.

Potential usage/clients:
- corporate in-house projects, with external HTTPS access
- projects with high performance requirements
- projects with limited development budget
- projects with extensive business logic, without "fancy" UI requirements

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